_Adriana Varejão: Transbarroco | French Academy in Rome - Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

Varejão’s video installation Transbarroco will be on view at the French Academy of Rome - Villa Medici from Thursday, September 29–October 2. The weekly program “I giovedì della Villa - Questions d’art” is an initiative of the Villa Medici to reflect on the state of contemporary creativity-visual arts, cinema, music, theater, literature, and art history—through the interaction between different audiences and languages in various forms including lectures, concerts, performances, exhibitions, and installations. Created by Louis XIV in 1666, The French Academy in Rome is a French public institution with three statutory missions: support of professional artists and research fellows through residencies; active cultural and artistic exchange; and the conservation and appreciation of the Villa Medici.


The French Academy in Rome celebrates its 350th anniversary in 2016. For more details please visit www.villamedici.it